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Boost Your Sperm Health In As Little As Three Months!

Introducing Cool Beans – Men’s Health Underwear!  The world’s only cooling underwear designed to improve sperm health.  COOL BEANS ARE UNLIKE OTHER COOLING UNDERWEAR WHICH ARE MADE FROM SPERM DAMAGING POLYESTER.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable and sweaty situations with our patented cooling, yet comfy design! Our elasticised mesh pouch gently pulls the scrotum forward to prevent it from being insulated by the thighs, especially when seated. No more discomfort or awkward adjustments needed! Experience the comfort and freedom with our revolutionary design. Try it out for yourself and see the difference it makes.

Product Reviews

Emma, Australia.
Verified Purchaser Review
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“My husband LOVES this underwear! Comfiest and coolest undies ever! No need to readjust, no more sweat down 👇👇. I also love the way he looks in them 😉.”
Keith, USA.
Verified Purchaser Review
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I recently purchased Cool Beans Underwear, and I must say it's the best underwear I've ever worn. The fabric is incredibly soft, and the air-flow pouch keeps me comfortable all day long. The fit is perfect, and the waistband doesn't dig into my skin like some other brands. I'm so glad I discovered Cool Beans Underwear and can't imagine wearing anything else now.
Neil, UK.
Verified Purchaser Review
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I've been trying for a baby with my partner for a while now, but we were facing some challenges. Then I heard about Cool Beans Underwear and decided to give it a try. After just two months of wearing them, my sperm count and health have significantly improved. I couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks!
Greg, Australia.
Verified Purchaser Review
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These are undoubtedly the most comfortable underpants I have ever worn. It's like you're being cupped by a cloud I now don't wear any other.

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Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear

Elevate your swimmers to superhero status!  Introducing the world’s ONLY scientifically designed cooling underwear for the ultimate sperm health boost!  Get ready to feel the excitement and experience the difference! 

From Only $41

Steps to buying your best Cool Beans

  1. Have your measurements to hand. Click here for Size Guide.
  2. How do I know what pouch size I need? CLICK HERE
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  4. How do you wear Cool Beans Underwear? (See video below)


Pouch sizing: Wombat (Large) Koala (Medium) Quokka (Small)

  • Note: We currently do not make Small Wombat and 2XL-5XL Quokka underwear variants


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Quantity Purchased Price Per Pair
1 - 2 $59.00
3 - 4 $56.00
5 - 6 $51.00
7 - 9 $45.00
10 + $41.00


  • Unique scrotal pouch made of breathable mesh which keeps testes cool
  • Allows dissipation of heat and sweat easily
  • No more skin conditions such as chaffing or heat-rash
  • Supports testes/scrotum to prevent sagging associated with age
  • Allows the scrotum to retract and extend how physiologically intended
  • Prevents distress and painful conditions such as varicoceles
  • Provides unmatched comfort and health benefits for the wearer

Please note models wear a modesty garment in photographs as scrotal skin is slightly seen.

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Black, Navy Blue, Teal Green

Waist Size

Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL

Pouch Size

Quokka, Koala, Wombat

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Why can’t I just wear regular underwear?
There are several issues with traditional underwear and how sperm health is impacted.  In traditional underwear, the scrotum is held up next to the body, absorbing the body’s core temperature and, while seated, the scrotum is insulated by the thighs.  On average, the testes are 2°C warmer when seated than standing and a mere 1°C increase in testicular heat can decrease fertility by up to 14%.  Cool Beans has been designed with your testes in mind to ensure support and comfort, unlike traditional underwear, which only house the testes, a bit like a couple of peaches rolling around the car boot.

I’ve found a cheaper pair. Why are Cool Beans more expensive?
Our underwear has a patented design, with an entirely new structure and fit to any other underwear globally. With years of research put into the design we have the comfiest undies available on the market and is the world’s first scientifically designed underwear dedicated to keeping the testes at optimal temperature to improve sperm health, aiding in the treatment of skin conditions, assisting with post-operative recovery, and can enhance your aesthetics and confidence! Not your average underwear!

Many alternatives miss the mark on the science behind health underwear. For example, cooling underwear achieve a cooler environment for the testes by using polyester fabric. BUT Polyester has now been scientifically proven to interact with scrotal hairs causing an electrostatic field to be created, which causes microwaves to penetrate the testes, damaging and possibly killing sperm. Cool Beans is made from a bamboo/cotton/elastane composition and a nylon elastane mesh.

And besides, if you are serious about improving sperm health why would you compromise?

How long will it take to see an improvement in my sperm health?

It takes on average 72 days for sperm to develop and mature. In order to create an optimal environment and allow sperm to mature, we recommend wearing Cool Beans for a minimum of 3 months prior trying to conceive with 4 months being optimal. Improving the environment within the testes does not happen immediately.

How do I know what pouch size I need?

Simply, place a bank card behind your scrotum (so one edge of the card is aligned with the edge of your scrotum). Next, refer to the diagram below. Depending on where the other side of your scrotum ends determines the pouch size suited to you.

How do I care for my Cool Beans?

Cool Beans Underwear can be washed as normal so no need for any special treatment. While line drying is ideal, Cool Beans is a cotton/bamboo blend and is easier to care for than bamboo underwear and can be tumble dried if required due to the added structural stability from the added cotton fibres.

Just how comfortable are Cool Beans?

When wearing Cool Beans Underwear, the testicles are held forwards from between the legs, so comfort is pretty much guaranteed. No more getting a little “caught” and trying to find a place to adjust yourself discreetly while avoiding embarrassment. Our early testers also noted that the overall presentation of the underwear when being worn was not only practical and comfortable but pleasing to the eye!

I have another question

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Money Back Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied with your Cool Beans Underwear, simply return the unworn underwear for a full refund or exchange.

easy care

Easy Care

Made with a unique blend of bamboo and cotton, Cool Beans Underwear can be washed as normal. Line drying is recommended.


Outstanding Comfort

Cool Beans scientifically designed underwear has been created with comfort in mind. You won’t ever want to wear your regular undies again.


Free Delivery

We offer free standard delivery for orders of 3 or more pairs in Australia/New Zealand and anywhere else in the world for orders of 5 or more pairs. *(1 pair = 1 unit of underwear)