Cool Beans Men's Health Underwear offers a patented solution to support couples' fertility. 

COOL BEANS' scientifically designed male underwear has been created to aid the testes and scrotum to self-regulate to their ideal temperature - which aids in improving male fertility.


Improving your chances of planned parenthood

Fertility challenges can be tough, however, improving male fertility can be easier to improve than female fertility.

A 2017 analysis of nearly 43,000 men found that worldwide sperm counts declined significantly from 1973 to 2011.  Fertility, sex and pregnancy can be a tricky process, which are dependent on many factors.

Why Cool Beans?

Cool Beans Men's Health Underwear offers a patented solution to support couples' fertility. This is achieved with our scientifically designed, yet comfortable male underwear which assists anatomically and physiologically in allowing the testes and scrotum to self-regulate to the ideal temperature of ~34ºC, 3ºC cooler than core body temperature.

Sperm health is subsequently optimised when production environments in the testes are conducive.

The patented design of this underwear allows for better heat dissipation from the testes, which can aid in improving fertility, as a 1ºC degree increase in testicular heat can reduce fertility by 14%.

Cool Beans Men's Health Underwear is entered into the TGA Register as a medical device. (ARTG 379655).

Proudly designed and made in Australia.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just use normal underwear?

There are several issues with traditional underwear and how sperm health is impacted.  In traditional underwear, the scrotum is held up next to the body, absorbing the body’s core temperature and, while seated, the scrotum is insulated by the thighs.  On average, the testes are 2°C warmer when seated than standing and a mere 1°C increase in testicular heat can decrease fertility by up to 14%.  Cool Beans has been designed with your testes in mind to ensure support and comfort, unlike traditional underwear, which only house the testes, a bit like a couples of peaches rolling around the car boot.

How long does it take to have an impact?

I’ve found a cheaper pair, why are you more expensive?

Are they uncomfortable?

Can I tumble dry the underwear?

What is Healthy Sperm?

It is acknowledged worldwide, that having healthy sperm improves the chances of you and your partner falling pregnant. Healthy sperm are also important for the health of your baby. It’s never too early to think about boosting the health of your sperm.

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The Founders

With inspiration and their combined professional backgrounds, Saara and Jordan, have developed a physiologically appropriate and comfortable solution to keep the testes away from the body and thighs. Cool Beans Men's Health Underwear has been designed using the latest peer-reviewed medical studies, demonstrating the impact of testicular heat and the necessity for the scrotum and testes to be below core body temperature to improve sperm health.  Cool Beans’ patented underwear design allows for improved heat dissipation and can contribute to improving the outcomes of planned parenthood and fertility treatments.

Between them, they have a mission.

To create a solution to improve sperm health, which becomes part of our everyday living.

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