Sperm Alert! Your Underwear Might Be Affecting Your Fertility!

If you are trying to conceive, you may want to opt for underwear that supports not only your crown jewels but also your sperm count.

Male infertility contributes to about half of all infertility cases. Most often, infertility is caused by a problem with the sperm itself, such as a low sperm count, poor motility (non-active or slow-moving sperm), or abnormally shaped sperm. 

Factors that negatively affect sperm development and motility include drug and alcohol abuse, diabetes, and bacterial infections. Environmental factors include toxic exposure to chemicals or radiation and more commonly, overheated testicles.

sperm heat

As a matter of routine, many fertility clinics suggest that men trying to conceive shouldn’t wear briefs or tight-fitting underwear. Why? Briefs position the scrotum closer to the abdominal cavity, which may slightly raise its temperature. Increased scrotal temperature can reduce sperm production and motility. However, evidence supporting that boxers-over-briefs advice is based purely on the fact that boxers have more airflow.

One of the largest studies supporting the fact that underwear can affect male fertility was conducted on 50 men at Liebig University in Germany. Its results indicated that high scrotal temperatures (defined as near body core temperature) negatively affected spermatogenesis (the development of mature sperm cells).

The German study, published in Human Reproduction, measured scrotal temperatures on men wearing cotton jockey briefs, cotton boxer shorts, or no underwear and compared the temperatures after the men completed physical activity and after they sat in a fixed position for 45 minutes. The study found significantly higher scrotal temperatures while the subjects wore jockey briefs, regardless of activity level.

A 1ºC degree increase in testicular heat can reduce fertility by 14%, and until now, there hasn’t been a practical or functional solution to decrease testicular heat that does not damage sperm health at the same time. Other “cooling underwear” is usually made from polyester, which has now been found to damage and kill sperm cells.

Cool Beans Underwear has a unique, patented, scientifically designed mesh pouch that comfortably supports the testes and scrotum holding them away from the body. This allows them to self-regulate to 2-3°C cooler than the core body temperature, which helps to improve sperm health and male fertility. To maintain optimal sperm production, the testes need to be 3°C cooler than the body’s core temperature.

There is no need to compromise your comfort while preparing for your family. Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear are the most comfortable underwear you will ever have the pleasure to wear.

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