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Saara Jamieson

Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear is entered into the TGA Register as a medical device. (ARTG 379655) ALWAYS FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE

So, what do you do when you realise that there is something that you need, but it’s not available in the shops? You start your own company, of course. At least, that’s what entrepreneur Saara Jamieson did when she set up a business in 2021 with the goal of grabbing the male underwear market by the balls and shaking it up!

An eye-watering goal (for some), but it’s one that Saara is more than qualified to make. With a Bachelor of Science and extensive study in the fields of anatomy and physiology, reproduction and thermoregulation, Saara Jamison set out to reinvent men’s underwear with the sole objective of helping support couples’ fertility journeys.

“From my own personal experience with infertility, I know that not being able to conceive can be incredibly isolating for both partners. Infertility problems are often seen as a female issue, but men are a contributing factor in 50% of all infertility cases. This is why women need to start discussing with their male partners the importance of sperm health,” Saara says.

Saara Jamison set out to reinvent men's underwear with the sole objective of helping support couples' fertility journeys

While many factors can affect male fertility, scrotal/testicular heat also significantly impacts male fertility. Until now, there hasn’t been a practical or functional solution to decrease testicular heat that does not damage sperm health simultaneously.

Increased temperature has a seriously detrimental effect on sperm, and recent studies show that most infertile men have a higher scrotal temperature than fertile men. A mere 1°C increase in testicular heat can decrease male fertility by 14%, and on average, the testes are 2°C warmer when seated than standing due to insulation by the thighs.

Saara’s Cool Beans Underwear combats this issue with its unique, patented, scientifically designed mesh pouch that comfortably supports the testes and scrotum holding them away from the body. This helps the testes to self-regulate and to be closer to the recommended 3o°C cooler than core body temperature.

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