The Founders

Our Story and Our Why

The Inspiration Behind Cool Beans

After trying to get pregnant for over 3.5 years, spending $10k+ and suffering through miscarriages, Saara and Jordan leaned on their own experiences both personally and professionally and what they described as their “darkest moments” to help others who are struggling to fall pregnant or are interested in their reproductive health and do something real that could actually help them” noted Saara.

“We realised that if we were looking for underwear to help improve sperm health other couples would likely be looking also. However, unlike us, with our biological science background, they may not be able to identify these products as gimmicks.”

Combining Saara’s extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology; reproduction and thermoregulation and Jordan’s insights from his professional work and studies (and being a man), we started perfecting the design of our Cool Beans - Men’s Health Underwear; a breakthrough in men’s fertility health without the invasive procedures, expensive treatments or embarrassing conversations.

Jordan picked up the opportunity to help their pregnancy journey. Along with lifestyle changes, such as reducing coffee (caffeine) and alcohol consumption, and improving his diet, he began searching online to try to find underwear that could potentially help improve my sperm health.

“Fortunately, with both of us having a science background, we were able to ascertain immediately that the products that were available were mere gimmicks and not likely to assist. We understood that, just because underwear was moisture-wicking or had ice pack inserts for cooling, it doesn’t mean that they will contribute to improving sperm health.

Unfortunately, understanding fertility can be quite difficult and for those who haven’t actually studied it, it is near impossible.

What hope does the average person have for improving their fertility when there is so much misrepresentation of products and information?”

With inspiration and their combined professional background, Saara and Jordan, developed a physiological and comfortable solution to keeping the testicles away from the body. And so Cool Beans was created.

Between them, they have a mission.

To create a solution to improve sperm health, which becomes part of our everyday living.

Our Founders

Saara Jamieson

Saara has a Bachelor of Science, with extensive study in the fields of anatomy & physiology; reproduction and thermoregulation (a process that allows the body to maintain its core internal temperature), with experience working in medical research. Working at Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) researching colorectal cancer before happily having her first child.

A note from Saara

There was a time when I thought I was probably never going to be able to have children; we had been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for years. After having a miscarriage, I sought help for my infertility troubles and my dream of starting a family.

I started treatment with medication for my hormones; later an injection and then two injections every month.

There were the extreme highs after seeing the positive result on that monthly pregnancy test, hoping that the pregnancy would take this time and then the feeling of anguish when my period would start a few days later.

There were many nights I found myself sitting alone with a glass of wine, crying into my hands, after Jordan had gone to bed.

So often I hadn’t told him that I had had a positive reading on the pregnancy test and now my period had started.

He wanted children as much as I did and there was no point in both of us suffering. This was the hardest time of my life...

Jordan Jamieson

Jordan has a Bachelor of Medical Imaging Science and Bachelor of Education, with significant study in human anatomy and physiology; experience with patient care and satisfaction; and clinical education of students and colleagues. He has worked as a radiographer in a major metropolitan hospital for past 5 years.

A note from Jordan

Sadly, there is such a stigma about infertility, especially male infertility. When we were experiencing our difficulties conceiving, I felt helpless. I felt like I needed to be more proactive, so I had my sperm tested.

The first test came back below average - talk about a punch to the gut of my manhood - but the second was just above average, which meant that my sperm shouldn’t be the problem.

Regardless, my sperm count and analysis wasn’t optimal; it had a ways to go to being great.

I really wanted to feel like I was actively contributing to improving our chances of having a baby. Cool Beans would have given me the "support" I needed at a time when I felt like I really wanted to do something to help.