Cool Beans Men's Health Underwear

The only patented underwear designed specifically to assist with sperm health by reducing testicular heat.

A breakthrough in men’s fertility health without the expensive treatments, invasive procedures or embarrassing conversations.

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How Cool Beans works?

Cool Beans Underwear has been scientifically designed to reduce testicular heat, which can assist with overall sperm health, while still being comfortable and supportive. This gives couples a head start in their journey to growing their family by improving male fertility.

1. A breathable, tech-savvy, elasticised mesh forms our unique scrotal pouch, which enables the scrotum to retract and extend as required to allow optimal temperature to be maintained.

2. The mesh pouch comes in three sizes to provide the best fit to allows the scrotum to fully extend while being supported so as not to overextend.  This is vital so that distress does not occur to the cremaster muscles which can result in painful condition known as varicoceles which increases infertility by up to 40%.

3. By having a separate pouch for the scrotum, it prevents the scrotum from absorbing the body’s core temperature and by having the pouch attach to the waistband, the scrotum then sits on a man’s lap instead of being insulated between his thighs, increasing comfort.

4. With our tech-savvy mesh the same colour as the front and thigh panels, it ensures that the pouch is discreet. When worn, Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear look like a traditional pair of underwear.

Why Cool Beans?

Ordinary Briefs Cooling Underwear Ordinary Boxers Cool Beans
Keeps testes cooler
Improved air flow around testicles
Helps keep the testes away from body heat
Keeps testicles in place
Entered on the TGA Register
Designed and made in Australia
Limits the use of polyester

Key Features

Comfort Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied with your Cool Beans Underwear, simply return the unworn underwear for a full refund.

Easy Care

Cool Beans Underwear can be washed as normal so no need for any special treatment. While line drying is ideal, Cool Beans has been designed to last longer than bamboo underwear though it will not last as long if line dried.

Range of packs and sizes

Cool Beans are available in packs of 5,7 or 10. With a range of different sizes available and more colours to come.

Getting the best Cool Beans for you

So, you’ve decided that Cool Beans is for you. We want you to have the best and getting the best, also means spending a few minutes getting the size right.  Before you head to the checkout, we need to be sure you have the right size.  And as comfort is important for you and us spending a bit of time getting the measurements right is vital. Guessing that you are the "biggest" size won't help in this instance. We are not show boating here and you don't need to either.

To make sure of your comfort you need to have two measurements:

1. Firstly the size of your usual underwear.......

2. Next, the size of the pouch.

This is where you need the Cool Beans measurement guide and ideally a bit of extra help from your partner to make sure you are getting the right measurement and who knows, a bit of fun.

But don't worry - its super simple.

Read the Steps to Measure.

Steps to measure

Taking care of your Cool Beans

We have made Cool Beans to be comfortable, practical and worthwhile.

What that means is that you can wear them fresh daily like you would your usual pairs and washing is straightforward too in a normal cool wash – no higher than 0 degrees.  Ideally you will line dry your Cool Beans, but we know this will not always be the case.  If you do place your Cool Beans in the drier, leave in a laundry bag and dry on cool.

  ***Warning*** Your tumble-dried Cool Beans will not last as long if line dried but because of the bamboo/cotton blend, they will last longer than only bamboo, tumble-dried underwear.

Disclaimer: Please note that our model is wearing a modesty garment beneath the underwear. The airflow pouch will show skin.

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