The Underwear Dilemma: Decoding Sperm Health and Your Fertility

Conception is a complex symphony, a delicate ballet of biology where everything needs to be pitch-perfect to maximize fertility and increase the chances of natural conception. Yet, too often, the seemingly mundane aspects of our daily lives can unwittingly play a major role in this grand endeavour. It’s time we tackle the silent, often-neglected variable […]

Australian Men’s Fertility On The Decline

Fertility experts warn that more and more Australian men are suffering from poor fertility and should pay attention to their lifestyles if they want to father a child. Here’s what you can do to give yourself the best shot at success. Fertility experts warn that Australian men suffering from poor fertility may have to adjust […]

Balls to Male Fertility Issues


Saara Jamieson, inventor and founder of Cool Beans Underwear, wants everyone to have the balls to talk about sperm health. Planning a family is usually one of the most exciting things a couple can look forward to. However, conceiving is not always an easy journey for everyone, and sometimes it can take longer than expected. […]