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Scientifically Designed

Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear have been created based on the latest medical research and is entered in the ARTG as a grade-1 medical device.

Cool Beans Solves A Problem

Having an external mesh pouch prevents the scrotum from absorbing the body’s core temperature, and by attaching the pouch to the waistband, it allows the scrotum to stay out front and on a the lap when seated, instead of being insulated between the thighs.

No Polyester

Cool Beans is made using a bamboo and cotton blend, because polyester has been proven to kill and damage sperm. An electrostatic shield is created by the interaction between the scrotal hairs and polyester fibres, causing tiny microwaves to damage cells and cause apoptosis.

Become Part Of The Male Fertility Revolution

Many couples today will seek advice early into their journey of planned parenthood while others will wait until a certain time has elapsed with no pregnancy or after a loss to seek advice and will be more likely to look towards medical intervention.

By adding a Cool Beans referral to your list of options, along with your existing services and resources, you can now offer a solution that allows the man to actively contribute to a couple’s fertility journey.

Easy To Implement

We know how busy you are, so we have made it simple to become a referral partner.

Simply pass the marketing material that we supply you on to your patients that you feel would benefit from Cool Beans Underwear.

All marketing material will have a code that will be unique to your clinic and/or health professional. The client will only need to use this code once for you to obtain the referral agreement amount, which you will continue to receive throughout the duration of your contract.

The Process To Become A Referral Partner

1. Get in touch and lodge your interest with the Founder and CEO sales@coolbeansunderwear.com or lodge your interest by filling in the form below.

2. Agree to and sign the facilitator agreement which sets out the referral amount with extra benefits to the first five that register interest and to those who sign up within five days of the tradeshow.

3. Stock and share the marketing material supplied

4. Receive the Cool Beans written statement of all purchases using your referral code including quantities, product revenue and commission calculated at the end of every month

5. Send your invoice

You will receive payment within 14 days

We look forward to working with you in this exciting and innovative area of fertility options. Australian Invention. Australian Made.

CoolBeans is entered in the ARTG 379655