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Balls to Male Fertility Issues

Saara Jamieson, inventor and founder of Cool Beans Underwear, wants everyone to have the balls to talk about sperm health.

Planning a family is usually one of the most exciting things a couple can look forward to. However, conceiving is not always an easy journey for everyone, and sometimes it can take longer than expected.

“From my own personal experience with infertility, I know that not being able to conceive can be incredibly isolating for both partners,” says Saara Jamieson, founder and CEO of Cool Beans Underwear. 

“My husband, Jordan and I had been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for years, and there were times when I thought I was probably never going to be able to have children.”

As Saara knows all too well, infertility problems are often seen as a female issue, but men are a contributing factor in 50% of all infertility incidences. 

Jordan, Saara’s husband, admits that he felt helpless and wanted to be more proactive in their journey to become parents

“I really wanted to feel like I was actively contributing to improving our chances of having a baby, Jordan says. “So, I had my sperm tested, and the analysis wasn’t optimal.

Jordan and saara
Jordan and Saara Jamieson

As well as making some lifestyle changes, Jordan went online to try to find underwear that could potentially help improve his sperm health. With Saara and Jordan both having science backgrounds, they were able to ascertain immediately that the products that were available were mere gimmicks and not likely to assist in improving sperm health.

So, what do you do when you realise that there is something that you need, but it’s not available in the shops? You create your own product, of course.

Recognising that a couple’s fertility journey can and should be shared is what inspired Saara and Jordan to create a product to help couples in similar circumstances to themselves.  

Saara, with a Bachelor of Science and extensive study in the fields of anatomy and physiology under her belt and Jordan being a  Bachelor of Medical Imaging Science and Bachelor of Education, set out to reinvent men’s underwear with the sole objective of helping support couples’ fertility journeys. 

Cool Beans Underwear has a unique, patented, scientifically designed mesh pouch that comfortably supports the testes and scrotum holding them away from the body. This helps them self-regulate to be 3ºC cooler than core body temperature, improving sperm health and male fertility.

“Here at Cool Beans, we like to think that wearing scientifically designed and very comfortable underwear is the first effortless step any man can take to help start the exciting journey of becoming a parent,” Saara says.

Cool Beans Underwear is a breakthrough in men’s fertility health without the invasive procedures, expensive treatments or embarrassing conversations.

“As well as being very comfortable Cool Beans Underpants empowers men by allowing them to be part of the exciting journey of becoming parents,” Saara concludes.

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