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Australian Men’s Fertility On The Decline

Fertility experts warn that more and more Australian men are suffering from poor fertility and should pay attention to their lifestyles if they want to father a child. Here’s what you can do to give yourself the best shot at success.

Fertility experts warn that Australian men suffering from poor fertility may have to adjust their lifestyle if they want to father a child.

Poor diet, too much alcohol and lack of exercise can all hamper conception.

City Fertility Brisbane specialist Andy Stamatiou told the Courier Mail: “Without scaring anyone, Australian men don’t have the best sperm in the world. 

“Sperm quality, or lack thereof, can provide an indication of overall health. 

“Increased obesity levels, lifestyle factors like excessive smoking, drinking and lack of physical activity can all play a role. 

“Stress, blood sugar and hypertension can also affect sperm quality and libido.”

Sperm health can be an embarrassing topic to discuss, especially for men. No guy likes to admit, especially to other men, that all’s not all is well down there. But male fertility is not as uncommon as you may think. Did you know that when it comes to infertility issues with couples, men are now a factor in 50% of cases?

However, by making just a few simple lifestyle adjustments and changing your underwear could drastically improve sperm count. Cool Beans Underwear, with its unique airflow pouch, allows the testicles to remain cooler than the core body temperature, which is known to drastically improve sperm health.

Cool Beans are a breakthrough in men’s fertility health and can reduce the need for expensive treatments and invasive procedures. For this reason, Cool Beans has been granted classification as a medical device, being entered into the Therapeutic Goods Association Registrar.

Here are some shockingly simple tips on how to add more “spunk to your junk” and improve your chances of having a baby…

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