Cool Beans Underwear design helps your testes maintain their ideal temperature, which in turn can improve male fertility. Helping TO Improve SPERM HEALTH Cool Beans Underwear gives couples a head start on their fertility journey.
Cool Beans are the only underwear with built-in, patented tech to specifically assist with improving sperm health. A BREAKTHROUGH IN
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Cool Beans

Men's Underwear reimagined.

Cool Beans is an innovative, cooling underwear designed to boost sperm health and improve the likelihood of conception for couples.

As a medical device entered into the Therapeutic Goods Administration Registrar (ARTG 379655), our underwear finally involves men in the conception journey, empowering them to play an active role in building and expanding their family. 

Cool Beans are  far more than your run-of-the-mill underwear, they are designed to keep the testes cool and ensure the scrotum remains on the lap, not between the thighs when seated, which is imperative for sperm health and comfortability.

They are a breakthrough in men’s fertility health. Cool Beans Underwear can reduce the need for expensive treatments and invasive procedures.

There is no need to compromise your comfort while preparing for your family because Cool Beans is the most comfortable underwear you will ever have the pleasure of wearing.

Empower your fertility journey – try Cool Beans today and boost your conception chances!


Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear is entered into the TGA Register as a medical device. (ARTG 379655)

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Cool Beans Mum To Be

Scientific studies show that on average, the testes are 2°C warmer when a man is seated rather than standing. It only takes a 1°C increase in testicular heat to reduce fertility by 14. and a 2-3°C increase in testicular heat can stop sperm production all together. How often are you seated?

Planning a family is one of the most exciting journeys any couple can go through. However, conceiving isn’t always easy and sometimes it can take longer than expected.

Infertility problems are often seen as a female issue, but men are a contributing factor in 50% of all infertility cases with sub-quality sperm being a leading cause of miscarriage.

While there are many factors that can affect male fertility scrotal/testicular heat plays a significant role in impacting male fertility especially today as we are living more sedentary lifestyles.

Scientific studies show that a 1ºC degree increase in testicular heat can reduce fertility by 14% and until now, there hasn’t been a practical or functional solution to decrease testicular heat that does not damage sperm health at the same time. Other “cooling underwear” is usually made from polyester which has now been found to damage and kill sperm cells.

Cool Beans Underwear has a unique, patented, scientifically designed mesh pouch that comfortably supports the testes and scrotum holding them away from the body. This allows them to self-regulate to 2-3°C cooler than the core body temperature, which helps to improve sperm health and male fertility. To maintain optimal sperm production, the testes need to be 3°C cooler than the body’s core temperature.

Cool Beans

Assisting Couples Fertility Journeys.

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Cool Beans

Designed for ultimate comfort.

Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear is entered into the TGA Register as a medical device.(ARTG 379655) ALWAYS FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE

"I never realised how uncomfortable my regular underpants were until I wore Cool Beans. " David W. Brisbane

Cool Beans Underwear has not only been designed for health benefits but to also be the comfiest undies you’ve ever worn.

With a patented external airflow pouch and supportive penis panel, there is no need for readjustment throughout the day.

The design also helps men who struggle with skin conditions in the groin area due to sweat and inadequate airflow because our unique design cups the testicles and holds them out and away from the body.

Wearing underpants has just been taken to the next level of comfort. 

To experience the ultimate in Cool Beans comfort shop today. They really have to be worn to be believed!

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With Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear your post-operative recovery time can be reduced, and discomfort kept to a minimum.

For post-operative care, doctors recommend keeping the anatomy elevated and supported after surgery as this will allow for decreased swelling and a faster recovery. 

Cool Beans’ patented design allows the scrotum and penis to rest and remain elevated with the aid of its external air-flow pouch and penis panel.

You should wear your Cool Beans for the first 5-7 days, even to sleep. This will keep the penis and scrotum held in place, helping to reduce swelling and allowing a comfortable night’s sleep. 

With Cool Beans Underwear it’s also easy and comfortable to apply an ice pack to either scrotum or penis, which is usually recommended in the days post-surgery.

Cool Beans

Post-Operative Relief.

Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear is entered into the TGA Register as a medical device. (ARTG 379655)

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Cool Beans

Improving sperm health and fertility for cyclists.

Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear is entered into the TGA Register as a medical device. (ARTG 379655)

Cool Beans Men's Health Underwear helps prevent testicular damage and impaired testicular function for cyclists.

It has been proven through various scientific studies that men who cycle have a much higher infertility rate due to excessive heat absorption from the body’s core temperature caused by compression of the testes between the body and saddle, making cycling one of the worst sports for testicular and sperm health.  

Regular cyclists also run a higher risk of testicular damage and impaired testicular function due to scrotal compression and knocks to the scrotum.

Cool Beans Underwear’s patented ‘airflow pouch’ design keeps the scrotum held forward, so there is less compression of the testicles between the saddle and body and thus a reduction in the absorption of core body heat and a far more comfortable ride.

Whether you’re looking to  start a family or just to be more comfortable when cycling – Cool Beans Underwear are a must!

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Cool Beans



Money Back Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied with your Cool Beans Underwear, simply return the unworn underwear for a full refund or exchange.

easy care

Easy Care

Made with a unique blend of bamboo and cotton, Cool Beans Underwear can be washed as normal. Line drying is recommended.


Outstanding Comfort

Cool Beans scientifically designed underwear has been created with comfort in mind. You won’t ever want to wear your regular undies again.


Free Delivery

We offer free standard delivery for orders of 3 or more pairs in Australia/New Zealand and anywhere else in the world for orders of 5 or more pairs. *(1 pair = 1 unit of underwear)


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